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Wheat Grass Juice 500 ml ( 1+1 offer )

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Wheatgrass: Each little, bright green shot is packed with essential vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, iron and chlorophyll – all good stuff that works to help increase your energy level, cleanse and detoxify your body, keep your skin looking great and helps you maintain a healthy immune system.

Wheatgrass Facts:
• 1oz of Wheatgrass has the same nutrients as 2.5 lbs. of vegetables.
• Wheatgrass is grown from Red Wheatberry which contains high levels of chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.
• Chlorophyll has regenerative properties that can boost your immune system, fight off free radicals, promote better circulation, and give you energy.

Ginger: Often referred to as a root, ginger is actually an underground stem and classified as a herb, widely used in traditional medicine and as a spice in many cultures throughout the world. Ginger is known to have more than twelve types of antioxidants and also contains essential oils, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C and a small amount of vitamin B3.

Ginger has been known to:
• Boost energy
• Aid in digestion & calcium absorption
• Strengthen immunity
• Promote healthy brain & nerve functions

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